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This is colourless and odourless, viscous liquid and it is hygroscopic. It is a good solublizer, plasticizer, moisturizing and preserving agent.

Glycerine can be derived from many oils and fats and it is preferred in many critical pharmaceutical, food and personal care applications.

Moisture retention and medium for ingredients dispersion; as humectant in processing tobacco leaves and used in production of triacetin for cigarette filters, provides right flow property, pour point and viscosity for production of alkyd resin, used in the production of toilet soap, important components in production of liquid and transparent soaps, polyurethane foam, paints & inks, foods, etc.

Some of oleochemical names are most common among people. For instant, glycerin is known to many. But not to confuse this with vegetable glycerin. Then what’s the vegetable glycerin and what are its uses? Glycerin is a kind of sugar alcohol derived from plants or animals. As it is derived from these natural roots, it’s totally natural. There are many vegetable glycerin uses. It is basically used in most of the cosmetics, food, and pharmaceutical products. It is slightly sweet in taste, syrup-like liquid oleochemical. Because of its sweetening nature, it is used in foods to add sweetness and to give a moisturizing effect to the dish. Chemical structure of this oleochemical help to mix oil with other water-like substances, therefore, it is used in food to mix oil and another liquid perfectly.

Glycerin has several health benefits like

  • Skin protection
  • Better hydration
  • Strengthening of gut

Let’s have a closer look at glycerin’s benefits

  • It improves hydration – The best quality of glycerin is that it draws the water in your guts. Therefore, it keeps you hydrated.
  • Moisturize the skin – Whenever you have a pimple or acne, people ask you to drink more water because water provides nourishment to the skin. As vegetable glycerin draws water to your cells, it automatically moisturize your skin.
  • Helps skin to grow beautiful naturally – Vegetable glycerin is used in many cosmetics because it promotes skin health. Glycerin helps to soothe skin irritation, wound healing and it also protects the skin from infections.

Apart from these uses, glycerin is also used as a soap base solution.

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