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Speciality Oils and fats

Every cosmetic, detergent, soap or any other product is different from each other. All the soaps have oleochemicals in them but still, they vary from each other. How? Because of speciality oils. Needless to say, speciality oils provides the ex-factor for every product. Apart from the colour, texture, smell even the formulas are different in every product of the same type. To make your product different and special, every company needs speciality oils. Speciality oils are nothing but customized oils derived from natural resources like vegetable and animals. Every other perfume or soap state that they are different only because of these speciality oils. Speciality oils are used on the basis of their function and performance. For example, if one of the detergent manufacturers wants their product to give more foam than other then these speciality oils are added to create more foam. The speciality oils can be made by using fats and other oleochemicals. There are many cosmetics raw materials suppliers who need these speciality oils.

Pan Oleo Enterprise Pvt Ltd is one of the few cosmetics raw materials suppliers who provide a complete service by supplying all the oleochemicals including speciality oils. Not only the cleaning products or cosmetics have use of fats and speciality oils but other products like plastic, fibre, paper, ink, etc also need speciality oils to make stand out their product differently.
We at Pan Oleo look after each and every chemical, utilize its every quality and also try out new ways and provide unique solutions to the customers. These chemicals have their own nature and benefits. Pan Oleo take care of each chemical oriented issue of customers.

Vegetable Oils and Fats are custom processed to suit application needs to end user industries. Applications in

  • Power
  • Cosmetics
  • Steel
  • Paper
  • Rubber
  • Food
  • Aluminium
  • Sugar
  • Tyre
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Petrochemical
  • Cement
  • Ink
  • Health Care
  • Plastic
  • Automotive
  • various other Industries