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Welcome to the Pan Oleo, your International Partner in oleochemical

Pan Oleo has been established in 2009 with wide spectrum of expertise in the classical global business of oleochemical. A comprehensive knowledge of the oleochemical industry enables us to provide optimal solutions for both buyers and sellers, in a complex technical and economic environment.

Pan Oleo has focused its business policy on responsible and reliable management coupled with innovative thinking. Within a short span of time the company has established a significant presence in the domestic market and has extended its foray in export business to key markets like Middle East, Africa, Asia Pacific, Latin America etc to name a few.

Oleochemicals Products Supplier

The oleochemical industry is making its way rapidly throughout the globe. There are plenty of oleochemical company in India but we can assure you the best solution for your product and competitive deals. Oleochemicals are used in a variety of branches like the production of detergents, cosmetics, food and so on. To manufacture your own product which contains oleochemicals, you need a trustworthy partner which can give you the best material and advice as well. The product's texture, structure, properties depend upon which oleochemical is used in it, therefore choosing a good oleochemical products supplier is crucial.

Apart from the above-mentioned oleochemicals, we also are suppliers for cosmetic raw materials. The cosmetic industry needs many raw materials like fatty alcohol, glycerin, castor oil to form a fine product. If your product's raw material is wisely chosen with best quality material then it will definitely make your product superior quality from other products in the same genre. With a never-ending list of oleochemical, we are globalized, multi-national oleochemical suppliers in India. We are here to look after your needs regarding oleochemicals. Our products are enriched with high-quality raw materials.


Mission: To reinforce wide spectrum coverage by delivering quality of world standards with global competitiveness with our efficient team of professionals.

Vision: To become renowned global business house as single point, service in complete aspects of international business.