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Who Are We

Pan Oleo has been established in 2009 with wide spectrum of expertise in the classical global business of oleochemicals. A comprehensive knowledge of the oleochemical industry enables us to provide optimal solutions for both buyers and sellers, in a complex technical and economic environment.

Pan Oleo has focused its business policy on responsible and reliable management coupled with innovative thinking. With an ongoing and perpetual endeavor the company has established a very significant presence in the domestic market and its foray in export business to key markets like Middle East, Africa, Asia Pacific, Latin America etc to name a few.

The key success to business has been marketing efforts which are complimented by the active support of suppliers of global repute as well as network of distributors and agents in various countries that provide the local support in storage, distribution and customer liaison. We strive to provide the customer service in 3 verticals as import, exports and ex-stock distribution.

As an International Business House, We Provide

Strategic supplier to global customers
Customised service to business partners
Leverage our international network to your advantage