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Castor Oil

Castor Oil is fatty oil extracted from castor beans by pressing followed by solvent extraction. Castor Beans are widely grown in arid regions of India, Brazil, & China.

Castor Oil – Commercial, FSG, BP

Castor oil is a vegetable oil derived from castor beans. It is colorless to very faint yellow liquid. It is beneficial to health and promotes growth of hair, therefore, it is used in most cosmetics, shampoo and natural skin or beauty products. It is highly in demand because of its benefits. Castor oil has many industrial as well as medicinal uses. It is a unique oleochemical that is used in food, personal care products, medicine and also in biodiesel fuel and industrial chemicals.

Castor oil uses
It is mostly used as hair oil and as a moisturizer. It is the oldest natural remedy for good hair and skin. It works as a laxative hence provides better, moisturized skin and hydration. It helps to lock the moisture in the skin. Apart from this, it also promotes wound healing and thus castor oils are used in the medicinal industry. Castor oil stimulates the growth of new tissues. It also possesses anti-inflammatory properties. It reduces pain, acne, bacteria, fungus, etc. Castor oil is mostly known for its hair conditioner quality. It keeps hair soft and helps reduce dandruff. There are plenty of Castor oil uses which are enough to make it a compulsory element in any chemical product.

Castor oil is now a days being the most popular oleochemical because everyone knows it’s a highly enriched benefits. It is not as common as coconut oil but every oleochemical user knows the importance of castor oil. We supply castor oil for our many customers. Castor oil is highly appreciated raw material for many cosmetics and medicinal products. Its benefits are dependent on its manufacturing and how it is produced. Therefore, to produce a good product one must use good oil which is made by a correct process with the best quality raw products.

Castor Oil Derivatives – HCO (Hydrogenated Castor Oil), 12 HSA (Hydroxy Stearic Acid), Ricinoleic Acid.

A whole range of innovative chemicals & end use products are generated from castor oil extraction & today these products are found to have widespread applications in industries like Agricultural, Cosmetics, Electronics & Telecommunications, Food, Lubricants, Paper & Inks, Perfumery, Paints & Adhesives, Pharmaceuticals & Plastics, Polymers & Rubber.