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Surfactants & Speciality Chemicals

Surfactants are the most versatile oleochemicals. They are used in almost every detergent and cleaning agent. The term surfactant is derived from its quality as a surface-active agent. As the name suggests, surfactants have the ability to lower the surface tension between liquid molecules. They are hugely used in cleaning products like detergents, soap, face wash, etc. because of its extensive quality of removing dirt. Detergents without surfactants will be just foam water and nothing else
Surfactants are useful in various formulas as

    • Emulsifiers
      It means surfactants prevent the separation of a chemical mixture.
    • Foaming agents
      It helps to create more foam for cleaning products like soap, facewash, detergents, etc
    • Wetting agents
      As foam, surfactants provide a wet texture to any product or chemical.
    • Fragrance carrier

As surfactants reduce the surface tension and helps the molecules to mix properly, it also holds the smells hence used as fragrance carrier.
Apart from detergents and soaps, surfactants are also used in fabric softeners, inks, anti-fogging liquids, etc. Surfactants are also used as lubricants such as shaving cream and career engine lubricants. Its qualities allow the shaving razors to swift easily and help to reduce the irritation.
Typically, surfactants are known as mixing agents. It helps any liquid or solid molecules to mix and dissolve perfectly in each other. This quality makes surfactants extremely useful in the chemical industry.

 Methyl Ester Sulfonates

Derived from sustainable vegetable oil. Readily biodegradable and mild to skin. Used in liquid and powder detergent. Superior detergency. Highly tolerant in hard water.


Amines are one of the important surfactants which are used in the processes of the manufacturing of various products. There are many uses of amines. Amines are used as

  • Soil stabilizer
  • Pigment stabilizer
  • Mold release agents for rubber
  • Floatation agents
  • Paint intensifier
  • Corrosion inhibitors, etc

The list of uses of amines is endless. Needless to say, surfactants are the most common and highly in demand oleochemicals in the industry. We at Pan oleo manufacture various types of surfactants with the best quality.
As raw materials for the production of cationic, amphoteric and non-ionic surfactants; corrosion inhibitors; pigment stabilizer; paint intensifier; soil stabilizer; intermediate materials for organic synthesis; raw materials of emulsifier for asphalt; mould release agents for rubber; flotation agents etc.