5 Things You Must Know About Caprylic Acid

Caprylic acid is an essential fatty acid having pan-industry usage and offering a plethora of health benefits. In this blog, we will be discovering the five essential things you must know about Caprylic acid.

What Is Caprylic Acid
Also known under the systematic name, Octanoic acid, caprylic acid saturated fatty acid & carboxylic acid having the structural formula CH3(CH2)6CO2H.
This acid is a colourless and odourless liquid that is minimally soluble in water and has a slightly unpleasant rancid smell and taste. It is one of the three fatty acids in coconut oil, and since it is a fatty acid, it’s always derived from natural sources.

1. Caprylic Acid has medicinal properties. – It is a medium chain fatty containing potent antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antifungal properties. It makes the acid a valuable source in the medical treatment of several conditions like preventing the growth of yeast-like fungus within the body, yeast skin infections, and reduces the risk of antibiotic resistance. Due to its medicinal properties, it is an ideal ingredient for food, cleaners and medicines.

2. Caprylic acid is used for synthesis of esters. – Caprylic acid is used in the flavours and fragrances used for manufacturing esters used in the production of perfumes and artificial flavourings. It is also used in the production of dyes, amides and plasticizers.

3. Caprylic acid acts as a solubilizer and emulsifier – The acid is also used in metalworking fluids as a solubilizer for mineral oils.

4. Caprylic acid acts an an thickener – Caprylic Acid has wide use in the cosmetics industry. It helps bind other ingredients together and can also work as a preservative to make active ingredients in cosmetics last longer. The acid is used in cleansers and lotions as it offers emolliency and beneficial fatty acids helping skin resist moisture loss. It is also used as a thickening agent for thickening a formula or enhancing the penetration of key ingredients. It is also known for improving the spreadability of products.

5. Caprylic acid acts as an emollient. – Caprylic acid is a better emulsifier and emollient, so it is preferred by multiple manufacturers when making sanitizers and producing esters for rubber and plastics.It is also used as an activator or accelerant in rubber production.

Let’s take a quick look at its essential functions:
1. Solvent in topical pharmaceuticals like creams and ointments.
2. As stabilizers for emulsions
3. As barrier layers in lubricants, dyes and grease products
4. Intermediates in esters production of chemical compounds having a hydroxyl group replaced by an alkoxy group for artificial flavours and perfumes.

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