Types of Raw Materials Used in Cosmetics & Personal Care Products

The cosmetic label usually contains different cosmetic lists of raw materials used in the formation of that product. It is crucial to have a great concern about the specific ingredients when buying a cosmetic product. It will help you to be sure if the product works in the way declared by the manufacturer.As a user, it is essential to know what ingredients are used in the cosmetics. The data will help you in making informed choices when purchasing the product from a cosmetic store.In most cases, this happens because some ingredients in a given product may be available in a smaller quantity that’s actually required to create a particular effect. Therefore, the preparation of cosmetic products with a particular effect is not easy. It is essential to select Cosmetics raw materials suppliers who are qualified to ensure consistency and harmony of the ingredients to attain desired results for making natural cosmetics with synthetic ingredients.

Below are the types of Raw Materials Used in Cosmetics & Personal Care Products –

1. Glycerine
Glycerine is a colourless, odourless and allergenic free organic raw material. It, however, has a slight viscosity with a sweet taste when used in lip balm. Its humectants liquid is used as an agent in cosmetics soaps, shampoos and other households. As a natural source, Glycerine is invaluable with emollient properties that softens and soothes the skin. It also has the capability of attracting moisture to the skin. Therefore this is the main reason; it is used in the manufacture of skincare products.

2. Fatty alcohols
They are also components of cosmetic raw materials and industrial solvents. Therefore, they can also be used as emulsifiers and thickeners for skincare products. The fatty acids are not irritating, and because of this, they are beneficial to dry skin. Based on the type of skin, fatty alcohols are used in cosmetics, it works as a moisturizer, pacifier, and softner. It is also used as a thickener in most products.

3. Fatty acids
They are called essential fatty acids because of their benefits and needs. However, fatty acids are obtained from the food we consume. The vital elements used in the skincare diet with fatty acids is Omega 3 as well as omega 6, which are the building blocks of the healthy cell membrane. The polyunsaturated in fatty acids produce a natural skin barrier that is essential in skin hydration and maintaining the natural skin. Therefore because of its benefits, the fatty acids are used in the manufacture of the skincare products as well as in cosmetics products.

4. Castor oil
Usually castor oil is widely used as a medicinal purpose. Castor oil has been proved to be the best skincare oil in treating problems such as acne, stretch marks, dry skin, itching, and many other skin issues. Being a natural emollient penetrating through the skin, it stimulates the production of collagen and elastin that hydrates the skin and keeps it soft. Due to these benefits, it is used in the manufacture of the skincare products that prevent numerous health issues.

Consumers need to know the information what raw materials are used in the production of cosmetics and skincare products when buying cosmetic products and personal care products. Therefore Cosmetics raw materials suppliers should be keen when selecting materials for the market to consumers.