Uses of Vegetable Glycerin for Skin

Do you know what makes your moisturizer cream smooth and soft? What exact material is used for making a daily skin cream? Have you ever wondered which oils and ingredients are used in personal care products? If yes, then you must know the vegetable glycerin we are going to talk about!Vegetable glycerin or glycerin is  derived from vegetables typically soybean, coconut or palm oils. This slightly sweet-tasting, odorless syrup-like liquid is usually made by heating vegetable fats under pressure. It is a kind of sugar alcohol mostly used in the cosmetic and personal care industry.

Following are some uses of vegetable glycerin for skin which everyone must go through:

1. It moisturizes the skin

Everyone wants a moisturized and perfect skin. But what makes your moisturizer so soft? It’s nothing but the glycerin. Vegetable glycerin is popular for its moisturizing powers. This naturally possesses that quality to heal and moisturize the skin automatically. It can be the main ingredient for protecting your skin from dryness. 

2. Promotes skin health

Glycerin adds smoothness and suppleness to your skin. Its Regular use will make you feel better with smooth, young and moisturized skin. Apart from these benefits or uses of vegetable glycerin, this may

a. Reduce skin irritation
b. Protect against skin infection
c. Boost wound healing
d. Hence it overall protects your skin and Promotes skin health. 

3. Reduce Constipation

Most of the skin problems like pimples, oily skin, acne are pop up because of Constipation. As the moisture and smoothness, the vegetable glycerin also has a high potential for water. It automatically draws water to your gut. This may give rise to the water level of your overall cells and body hence reduces Constipation. 

4. Boost hydration

You must have heard the advice to drink more water when someone spots a pimple on your face. It’s because of a lack of water in your body. As discussed above, glycerin contain high potentials of the water. Its juicy quality protects overall physical performance by providing proper hydration to the body. 

Vegetable glycerin is safe to use as it is a natural oil derived from natural ingredients. As it is safe, it is mostly added to makeup products, candles, lotions, deodorants, etc. So, anytime if you are choosing a beauty cream or moisturizer then make sure it contains vegetable glycerin. 

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